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Chocolate_Onyx Fiction

I've got a tale to tell...

13 November
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This is a journal purely dedicated for my writing. Both my personal and fanfiction will be posted here. If you want to read my rants and raves you can friend me at my personal account here: www.livejournal.com/users/chemcial_haven

Many of these stories will be ADULT rated. So please be aware that this is my disclaimer!!! If you are not old enough to be reading these stories or are sensitive to explict scenes (including sex, drugs, liquor and ESPEICALLY GAY MEN!) please do not read the stories posted here/flame me.

My other disclaimer is that many of the stories poster here are based off many pre-existing fandoms (including but not limited to: Harry Potter, Twilight, Hanson and many others). I have no ownership of these characters and all of them belong to their original owners. No infringment intended. Please don't sue a broke college student.